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Two children, limited time to spend on a beauty regime and dare I say it… Approaching thirty sooner than I care to think about, has got me focused on skin care. Right now I’m loving Origins products. They are kind to my skin, long-lasting, and I can actually see a difference.

Here are a few of my faves:

Never A Dull Moment

I have just purchased this face wash, which has instantly become a favourite. I usually use A Perfect World, but thought I’d try this one. It’s so good. You only need such a tiny amount, and it lathers up, removing all traces of make up. My skin always feels fresh after and not all tight or dry. I use this AM and PM.

Drink Up

On those occasions when the bedtime routine has gone reasonably smoothly and I do get the chance to have a relax in the bath, I reach for Drink Up 10 minute mask. Generally my skin is quite dry, so this mask helps to give it a quick burst of hydration. It smells super good too, with Apricot kernel oil. I use this probably once or twice a week.

And….for that little bit of extra quenching I love Drink Up Intensive.


I massage this on right before bed a few times a week. It makes my skin feel so smooth by morning. I really do need to drink more water!… But these products sure help me out in the dry skin department!

Ginger Rush

This was actually a free gift with my most recent purchase, I was so surprised to see that it was 125ml, so generous. Origins often have promotional codes to use when purchasing products. I’m really pleased I selected to try this body cream. It smells lush. Is super smooth and again I only need to use a tiny bit.

I think my skin care product purchasing habits have evolved throughout my twenties. I’d much rather pay a little bit more for a good quality product that is kind to my skin. I am never dissatisfied with my Origins purchases.

What skin care products do you like?

*this review is entirely my opinion only and I have not been asked to review or test these products.


Stella xxx




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