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The one where no one got the joke…

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Ok, so I am well aware that Friends finished years ago, but there is always an episode on to watch and up until recently I thought it was just common place to reference Friends in social situations. However, just lately I’ve actually had to either ask “DID you used to watch friends?”, before making any joke, realising that a) Friends watching is now a past tense thing and b) I cannot just assume that they will know what I’m talking about. Such a kick in the teeth to hear “No sorry I didn’t really watch it.” “Oh, ok”. Two thoughts then occur a) I’m not entirely sure we can be friends now, being that most of my banter circulates around the programme and b) wow I really do need to let it go!

Is it a generation thing?

Or are people just over Friends now?

Does it have to be my guilty pleasure now, will I find myself secretly watching episodes, admitting to only my closest Friends that I still laugh out loud at episodes that I’ve seen a hundred times over!?

Do you still watch Friends?

Stella xx


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