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Pizza Party


If there is one piece of advice I wish I’d been given before Boo started primary school it would be this ‘Never underestimate how many parties you will attend!’. I really enjoy them but wow, there are so many going on! Until this year we hadn’t really thrown a birthday party before. Previously we had been on family adventures to Longleat Safari park, for her fourth birthday, Bewilderwood, for her third birthday and for her second birthday Colchester Zoo. We did have a small family get together to celebrate when Boo turned one but nothing too crazy.

Anyhow this year we decided, well Boo decided as she pleaded for one, that we would host a party. The good thing about going to so many parties and her birthday being ever so slightly later in the year is that I get to see what works, what doesn’t, what the children enjoy and what they expect.

We decided to have a Pizza making party at our local Pizza Express , it was so hard knowing who to invite and completely impossible to have all her class friends and friends from outside school, that we made the very hard decision to invite just some class friends and her two cousins. Ok so a bunch of four/five year olds, tomato sauce, dough and toppings, recipe for disaster right?

Wrong! It was such a fantastic experience for all  the children, to make their own pizza from scratch. They happily and eagerly decorated their chef hats, put on their aprons and marched off to the toilets to wash their hands. The children rolled their dough, smothered on a tomato sauce base and chose from a selection of fresh vegetables and meats to top their individuals pizzas.

After much hard work they were rewarded with dough balls, followed by their own pizza and finished up with a scoop of ice cream. The behaviour was amazing, they were all so absorbed by what they were doing that there was not any time to get bored and be silly. It was so lovely to see them all create a pizza of their own and they were all tasty! We had a Little Miss Cake for Boo and all the children received either a Mr Men or Little Miss book, a cake pop, a pot of bubbles and a pack of playing cards in their party bags.







I would thoroughly recommend a pizza making party. It was such fun and a super learning experience for the children.

Stella xxx


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  1. I didn’t know Pizza Express did Pizza Parties! I have them at home sometimes (just with my kids!) but this is a fab idea for a birthday party x


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