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Ssssh! Duck don’t wake the baby!

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Ssssh! Duck don’t wake the baby’ written by Jez Alborough has been in my head all day. It’s actually my life motto right now, duck being replaced by Boo or Daddy usually. It’s a firm favourite in our house and we’ve had it ever since Boo was a baby. Squeezing in housework, helping with homework, cooking dinner, and just trying to have ‘thinking time’ are just a few of the gazillion things that I try to squeeze into Roo’s nap times. Sometimes, I feel myself saying “no, don’t play with that,” “turn that down”, “no put that away”… Each phrase usually rounded off with “don’t wake the baby!”. It can be really frustrating for little ones to understand, just like poor duck in the story! So once Roo has gone to bed, I try and have a little bit of time with Boo just to read a story together. ‘Ssssh! Duck don’t wake the baby’ has been plucked from the bookcase quite a few times recently. We love Jez Alborough’s quirky illustrations, the beautiful colours and onomatopoeic pop up page. Duck is truly a loveable, humorous and kind-hearted character, who just like my daughter really tries to be helpful and not wake the baby but…

image image

Have you read any of Duck’s other adventures?

Stella xxx


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