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Wanderlust movies


 Wanderlust ‘a strong desire to travel’ Oxford English Dictionary definition. 

Every now and then when I need a little bit of motivation, inspiration or cultural escapism I find my self snuggled on the sofa, ready to be propelled into travelling my wildest adventures, living a life as a vagabond, whilst wondering the world with littles in tow.

Here are my top five favourite wanderlust movies, to feed my creative, artistic and globe trotting senses.

1. Eat Pray Love

I really love the break away from the norm and follows your dreams perspective. A vision, a prophecy, intuition perhaps, just making you pause, reflect and change direction. Or is the change of direction always where you’re heading anyway? This film conjures up for me questions about fate.  Is our destiny already written or do we create it? Most of it all it reminds me that being honest and true to yourself is most important. I find it a real feel good and uplifting film. Who would not want spend time eating their way through Italy, meditating in India and I’m sure I would actually fall in love with Bali.

2. Vicky Christina Barcelona

I already have a love for Barcelona, and was fortunate enough to visit a few years ago. Watching this film makes me want to transport myself there again in an instant! I am captivated by the intensity of passion conjured up from the spell that Barcelona casts over the characters. The scenery is stunning and the artistic nature of some of the characters evokes a desire to be creative. I love the soundtrack, the Spanish mix of guitar sounds is very romantic and weaves a beautiful tapestry for the film. I can’t wait to visit Barcelona with my children, and revel in Gaudi, Salvador Dali and Gothic art and architecture.

3. The Beach

I remember the first time I watched The Beach. It was quite a poignant moment in my life because I was on my first ever flight abroad. Moby’s Porcelain mesmerised me and it was then as my teenage self that I realised just how vast the world was, and that I could travel and marvel at it’s beauty. Island life lured me in and I was sold…well only for as long as Richard was. Without actually experiencing it my naïvety was exposed and there on that flight my angsty self understood the cliche ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

4. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This film has me in stitches, as I just adore so many of cast. I first watched this film on a balmy summer’s evening when my parents had come to visit. India appears so enchanting and I would love to visit there sometime.  I imagine I’d have such a spiritual experience. The idea that wanderlust is ageless too is so beautiful, the desire to acquire new experiences never fades. A sequel possibly, is very exciting.

5. Midnight in Paris

I have to admit that I don’t usually enjoy films that involve time travel, but oh how I would have loved to have sat in the sultry smokey cafés of 1920s Paris, admiring literary legends like Hemingway and appreciating Picasso’s avant garde artistic flair. It’s the nostalgic mix of eccentric characters set against the ever romantic Parisian backdrop after midnight that is so incredibly alluring. I visited Paris as a child on a school trip and remember taking a boat ride along the river Seine, it’s amorous charm intrigued me then, as we sailed under the Pont-Marie I knew I’d want to learn more of its secrets.

Please feel free to recommend any of your wanderlust favourites too. I’ve never watched Before Sunrise, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset but hope to soon.

Stella xxx

PS I seem to have a penchant for Woody Allen films. X


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  1. The Best Exotic marigold Hotel…by far the best on your list 🙂
    You have inspired me to write about my travels to India xxx


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