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Summer sandals

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Considering that English summers tend to be extremely unpredictable I am reluctant to spend a fortune on sandals that Boo might only wear for a few short weeks, or in some cases days. However, I like to be optimistic and so seeing as we had a super summer last year, I’m going stand by the motto ‘things can only get better’, right?!

I’ve been trawling the net in search for traditional looking girls sandals, that will go with most outfits and look stylish and classic…obviously comfortable and practical too. I came across these beautiful SunSan Saltwater sandals, they have such a wonderful story of how they came to become an American loved sandal. Unfortunately at the moment these would be such a splurge though and so whilst coveting them I happened to spot a similar looking sandal in GAP, and was so pleased to discover these adorable sandals. Boo loves them and they really do just go with everything. They fit nicely around her ankles, are a gorgeous colour and are definitely a classic design.

Let’s hope they bring the sunshine out for the whole Summer!

Stella xxx


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