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“What did you do at school today?”
“Um, can’t remember.”
“Who did you play with?”
“I’m tired, can I have something to eat?”

That’s pretty much how the ‘how was your day?’ conversation goes with five year old Boo. Open ended questions do help, but it’s so hard for her to remember all the things she’s done at school, it’s a skill she’s still acquiring. It’s important that I encourage the conversation though as it will help her to develop memory skills.

One area that she is still very much at the very beginning of understanding is reflection. Before bed we like to have a few minutes to reflect on the day, generally about what was good, bad, funny, happy, sad, scary etc. I can see her little brain processing away, as she might suddenly recall something from yesterday/a week ago/ ages ago that she needs to discuss.

So, whilst working my way through the shelves at TK Maxx I came across these super forms for kids to fill out.


Boo loves anything that looks grown up so I knew that they would appeal to her, plus they come with stickers, and anything with stickers gets her vote!

I found two different pads to choose. One named ‘goodnight’ which is just so sweet, it gives the child space to fill out their name,  tick some quirky adjectives and asks them what they want to dream about that night, alongside what they will be looking forward to tomorrow. I loved that the section can either be written or smaller children could draw a picture. The sheet allowed for some great discussion about word meanings, spellings and Boo was excited to share what was silly or yucky. Most of all for us the reason these forms appealed to me is that Boo’s father works in the evenings a lot, so she could tick ‘Goodnight Daddy’ at the bottom and leave it at the end of her bed, for him to find. A fantastic way to share a bit of her day with him!


I then came across ‘I tried it’ sheets,


which are so good for confidence building and remembering those moments like trying a new food, riding a bike or swimming without arm bands. It’s so great to discuss with the little one how that experience made them feel and that they can write down or draw what they liked. These forms are such a lovely way to develop children’s emotional literacy skills. They are a super way to encourage children to reflect and piece together moments of time.

Boo tried out some clown skills, attempting to balance on stilts and hoola hoop on a recent day out, she loved sharing it on her form.



These wonderful pads are made by knock knock and their website is My local TK Maxx had a few copies and I would love to see if I can track down what else they have.

Sorry I can’t send a direct link to them, but thought I’d share them as they are such fun! Please let me know if anyone manages to get hold of some!

Stella xxx


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