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Crocodile Creek

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I’ve been on the hunt for some dinner  place mats for Boo and Roo, and discovered these super fun Crocodile Creek ones. I chose the World Map for Boo and we’ve had a great time learning about different places in the world. It’s brought up some really interesting dinner time conversations about where people live and what ocean you might have to cross to visit friends in Australia. Around the edge of the place mat is a selection of ‘can you find…?’ questions, it’s been so lovely to see Boo try to identify the five oceans, seven continents and work out where our tiny little island is. I am really keen for her to be able to point out countries, continents and oceans, as I’m sure I only really got taught about meandering rivers at school! Hopefully, as she and Roo grow we’ll be able to explore many more places across the globe.

2014-06-25 18.09.17


For Roo I chose the Barnyard 123 mat, it has such cute illustrations of numbers and farm-yard friends and finds. We’ve been making farm-yard animal noises much to Roo’s delight and I thought this will be a great counting mat as he grows. Around the edge it even has the numbers written in German, Spanish and French, as well as English. This has been fun for Boo too as she has recently learnt about France during a multicultural day at school, so was keen to tell me what she’d learnt.

2014-06-25 18.09.58

The mat’s are so easily wipe able after meal times, a good size and great value for money. I used blue tack to hold them in place on the table, that way Roo’s stays in one spot! I love the discussions that are arising from having them in place each day, and I think I might purchase a few more later in the year too. I really love the look of the Solar System mat, which I think Boo would love and also the ABC House mat  which I think will be a great one for Roo next time.

They arrived well packaged and within good time so I will definitely be ordering from Play Merrily Toy Shop again!


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